Our next meeting is Tuesday,  August 11th  at BuzzFeed Minneapolis

Join us this month for a presentation on Internationalization of Applications with Michael and Judith Dorin

This presentation will discuss issues faced with respect to internationalization and localization of applications. Internationalization is the process of designing applications that can be adapted to various languages and regions without requiring software engineering changes.

An internationalized program has these characteristics:

  • Using localized data, it can be run worldwide.
  • Text is not hardcoded, but retrieved dynamically.
  • New languages do not require recompilation.
  • Culturally-dependent data, such as dates, weights and currencies, appear consistently and properly for the end user’s region and language.

From a technical perspective, programming (“mechanical”) aspects covering the process will be presented.

We will also discuss language and cultural specific issues to help you prepare text to get the best results from translation.


Michael Dorin
is Professor of Information and Computer Sciences, Metropolitan State University and Judith Dorin is Spanish Language & Cultural Events Manager, Global Citizens Network (GCN)


Eventbrite - Mobile Twin Cities - August 2015

See you August 11th!

Food and beverages will be served at 6:00pm. Presentation begins at 6:30pm.

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